Cruden shows new simulator for ADAS and autonomous vehicle controller testing 


At the recent Automotive Testing Expo, we showcased how driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators can improve the validity of ADAS simulations with live demonstrations of our simulator, set up for ADAS and autonomous vehicle controller development. Meet the ADAS-604-F3 simulator and see the possibilities for testing human reactions in full autonomous vehicle testing.


Read more about the value of driving simulators to ADAS controller development.


With a driver-in-the-loop simulator, ADAS engineers can save money and time, conduct research more quickly

  • Test controller decision-making in handover moments and emergency scenarios with real drivers in a safe, repeatable environment
  • Process large numbers of different drivers through a test programme
  • Evaluate endless algorithms more efficiently without the cost and time of going to a test track
  • No expensive prototypes


Introducing the Cruden ADAS-406-F3 simulator

  • Highly immersive simulator with professional projection system and realistic content 
  • Accurate steering feel and motion (6-DOF)
  • ADAS integration; VIRES, dSPACE ASM, TASS Prescan


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