Cruden supplies Panthera software to Base Performance Simulators


Base Performance Simulators (BPS) and Cruden have announced a supply agreement, at the Professional Motorsport World Expo, that will see BPS convert to Cruden’s Panthera simulator software suite from early 2017. The single-seater and GT simulators that are available to hire at BPS’s Banbury, UK, facility will run on Panthera, as will simulators built for the company’s individual and race team customers around the world.


Cruden launched the Panthera software suite as a stand-alone, open architecture simulator software suite for users of any desktop, static or motion simulator. The rendering performance of Panthera is industry-leading, generating over 120 frames per second at WQXGA resolution whilst keeping latencies well under 10 ms.


“The use of Panthera is not limited to Cruden hardware. It can be used with any existing or new hardware – by simulator builders looking for a competitive software offer or by race teams looking to upgrade. As Cruden is becoming better known as a software company as well as a simulator manufacturer, it is a great time to be able to demonstrate Panthera’s many features to the important UK motorsport market via an established simulator company such as BPS,” says Maarten van Donselaar, Cruden CEO.


Says BPS company founder, Darren Turner: “BPS is always looking at ways to improve its offer and we have identified a growing demand for race engineering simulator solutions within our client base. It was natural to turn to a reputable company such as Cruden, who work in the motorsport and automotive markets at the highest level. The new Cruden package offers us a complete suite of software that is user-friendly, with a consistent user interface across all programmes.”


Teams and drivers interested in driving Base Performance simulators with the Cruden Panthera software should contact Ella Barrington at BPS to register their interest.

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