The Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre in Italy has upgraded its simulator software to Cruden’s new open architecture Panthera Software Suite.


Bhai Tech, a product development partner to the motorsport and automotive industries, purchased a Cruden M646-F5 motion simulator in 2012, using Cruden’s previous Racer Pro software with its own in-house developed vehicle dynamics simulation software, BT Modeller. The Bhai Tech R&D simulator is now able to perform much more precise simulations on LIDAR-based tracks thanks to Panthera’s latest built-in tire/road interaction functionality.


“With BT Modeller, our rapid prototyping tool for car R&D, we have been enabling our customers to quickly create a simulation project for any car, be it real or still in the concept phase. Now we can go one step further by offering LIDAR tracks. LIDAR technology guarantees extremely precise laser scanning to get the most accurate circuit or road surface representation and the most exact response from the vehicle. This high definition data covers a photo-realistic digital replica of the surrounding and of the road surface as well,” explains Giuseppe Callea, head of Bhai Tech Technology.


jaguar Landrover

 Bhai Tech upgrades software to Cruden Panthera 

“We’ve added three LIDAR circuits – Silverstone, Barcelona and Monaco – which are the tracks that allow our customers to run the majority of the tests needed to develop and test any new vehicle design/technology for road or race car applications. These tracks are definitely considered one of the company strategic assets when it comes to car research and development.”



The use of Panthera will also allow the Bhai Tech facility to offer improved platform tracking as well as edge blending and warping for its off-board projection system. Panthera Platform Tracking tracks the motion platform position and orientation, adjusting the projected images accordingly.  Panthera W&B is a built-in module that compensates for distortion when projecting onto an arbitrary shape surface. It also smoothly blends the edges of each area where projections overlap.


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