We currently have three vacancies for exciting roles in vehicle modelling and software and content development, working across our sectors of motorsport, automotive, R&D and marine. All positions are based in our Ijburg, Amsterdam headquarters, where successful applicants will work alongside and be supported by leading experts in the simulator and simulator software industry. Please see more information on each position and apply via the links below.


Models & Systems Development Engineer

In this role, you will be responsible for developing vehicle models and integrated systems for simulators for the motorsports, automotive, R&D and naval markets. You will also develop the technology, software and products incorporated in Cruden simulators, working with Matlab Simulink software to develop these models. This team-based position requires someone who is flexible and pragmatic, able to learn on the job and work autonomously as well as contribute to our dynamic, skill-set varied team. Advanced Matlab Simulink skills are a prerequisite for this role. For more information about this role, please visit


C# Developer (Unity skills)

As a technical artist, you will be responsible for developing software solutions in C# for simulators for the automotive, motorsports, R&D and Marine markets. There is currently a gap between software scientists who develop the main software architecture with unity, and content developers who model the graphical representations of scenery. This position, therefore, requires liaising with both teams to both to stream the continued development of the main simulation software architecture, as well as developing Unity-based applications within the existing architecture. A prior professional experience with Unity in simulation is vital to this job. For more information about this role, please visit


Software Configuration & QA Engineer

This position demands working specifically with Cruden’s highly versatile Panthera software for simulators, setting up customer-specific configurations. Furthermore, you will be responsible for testing our software releases and implementations. With a strong steer on quality assurance, you must be communicative and able to maintain a close link between customers and software developers. An understanding of C# and Unity are essential to this role. For more information about this role, please visit

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