Panthera Free is now available to all and can be run on a single desktop computer with most vehicle models


Cruden, the simulator and simulator software manufacturer, has made a no-cost version of its Panthera simulator software suite available to automotive and motorsport engineers and students, freeing them from workplace and university license restrictions. Users can run simulations, modify and expand vehicle models, add interfaces to hardware and use custom cars and tracks, by clicking here.


Panthera Free uses the same open physics integration technology and state-of-the-art rendering engine as the licensed version that is used by automotive OEMs and motorsport companies. It shares all of its desktop simulation relevant features. It will be supplied with Panthera ePhyse, an external physics module for Matlab Simulink that allows easy integration with many vehicle models, as well as with Cruden’s Simulink vehicle model, CSVM-Lite, which is also part of the package.


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© Henrik Sandsjö


© Henrik Sandsjö






Panther Free is a stand-alone, open architecture simulator software suite for users of any desktop, static or motion simulator. The rendering performance is industry-leading, generating over 120 frames per second at WQXGA resolution whilst keeping latencies well under 10 ms. The use of Panthera is not limited to Cruden hardware; it can be used with any existing or new hardware.


Explains Maarten van Donselaar, CEO of Cruden: “Cruden is offering Panthera Free to stimulate vehicle modelling and simulation among engineers, students and enthusiasts who are now free to experiment with the software at home or at their workplace. Users will be able to interface with the vehicle model they choose and hook up to a steering wheel and pedals. We’ve held nothing back – every feature of the professional Panthera software that is needed within the desktop simulation environment is there. However, visualisation in the free version is limited to a single channel.”  


Panthera Free includes:


  • Panthera Core – the main simulation engine that enables users to simulate and visualize cars modelled in Simulink or using the internal vehicle model
  • ePhyse – the integration layer for Matlab Simulink
  • CSVM Lite – a Simulink vehicle model for driver-in-the-loop simulation that can be modified by the user at will
  • Session Manager Lite – the user front-end for configuring and controlling a simulation
  • TrackEd – Editor to prepare tracks for use in Panthera
  • Documentation


Customers with simulators that require interfaces for motion platforms, professional steering feedback, pedals and more, as well as those with projection systems or multiple screens would need license packages for the Cruden Panthera software suite. 


Important installation requirements:



Computer hardware requirements are quite minimal. However, it is recommended to run Panthera Free on a multicore processor with considerable computational power (at least e.g Intel i7 with 3.0GHz) and sufficient memory (at least 4Gb)

GPU hardware is required, an nVidia GTX560 is considered the bare minimum. Intel internal graphics are supported, but result in extremely simple graphics. ATI GPUs are currently not supported.

Input devices are required to drive the simulated vehicle. Panthera has support for most computer joysticks and both a Logitech G27 and G920 driving system have been pre-configured. If no joystick-like system is available, the car can be driven using the mouse.


Basic knowledge of computers in general and Matlab Simulink in particular is required to use the software package. The ePhyse Net environment resides in Matlab Simulink. The following Matlab
toolboxes and components are required to run the Panthera Free package:

- Matlab
- Simulink
- Simscape
- SimMechanics
- SimDriveline
- Simulink Coder

Panthera Free can be used in combination with Matlab 2013b 32-bits and 64-bits, as well as younger versions. Matlab versions older than 2013b are not supported. Note that some Matlab student licenses can only handle Simulink models with no more than 1000 blocks. The Simulink vehicle model in this Panthera Free package
consists of approximately 5100 blocks and can therefore not be handled using such licenses.

Optionally, the user can generate additional tracks and/or alternative car graphics. In order to do so, licenses for 3D Studio Max and an image manipulation program (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) are required, as well as working knowledge of these programs.


Panthera Installation
Panthera Free can run from a single directory and therefore does not require a full installation procedure. To install the Cruden software, simply run the installer which will extract to C:\Cruden\.

If you choose to use an alternative location, the ePhyseNet configuration file should be updated. To do so, use your favourite text editor to open ephysenet.ini from


In this ASCII file, at the top, modify the parameters local_dir and remote_dir. Panthera Free requires Microsoft C++ redistributables to be installed on the system. Several offline installers are included in the package and can be found in \Cruden\Install\. On most systems installing vcredist_x86_vc2013.exe is sufficient. This was attempted as part of the installer that ran on your system to install Panthera Free previously.


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