Validating a simulated vehicle. From scratch. In two days.​


At the PMW Expo earlier this month, we set ourselves a challenge: to validate a virtual vehicle, using a Cruden M646-D3 driving simulator, in two days, from scratch. Starting with guestimated parameters, we asked race engineers from Van Amersfoort Racing and F1 simulator driver, Nick Yelloly, to demonstrate to show-goers how this is done in real life. Check out our video.


Initial validation was done in several steps, comparing data from Nick's simulator runs with data from the real vehicle. We did data anlysis with the tools used by the race team in its F3 program, changing parameters on-the-fly and with help from Cruden’s expert engineers. Once we got closer to the real car, subjective driver feedback and simulator feel became increasingly important; brake pedal behaviour and motion cueing were fine-tuned to enable Nick to get the optimum feel from the car. By the end of day two, the vehicle model was fine-tuned to an advanced state of validation, where the driver was happy that realistic car behaviour had been achieved. The virtual car is now at a level where it can be used for driver training purposes.


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