I-WAY is a spectacular motorsport simulator centre in Lyon, France; a unique and exclusive complex of 18 motor-racing simulators, restaurant, bar, spa and conference facilities. It features six Formula 1, six rally and six Pescarolo LMP sports car simulators in purpose-built motorsports-themed surroundings.

Guests can indulge their racing fantasies with individual driving challenges or races against competitors in linked-up simulators. The realistic motorsport ambience is fuelled by the provision of Sparco racing overalls, shoes, gloves and helmet, and the process of guests attaching their own steering wheels through a quick-release coupling, just like a real Formula 1 car.

Since opening in July 2008, I-WAY has developed a seemingly niche attraction into a truly indulgent space catering for many audiences, with entertainment formats to attract all budgets, expertise levels and group sizes. To build a loyal user base and connect like-minded racers, I-WAY's owners have established a club, which hosts driving competitions among other activities. Cruden has created customized race track on the moon and around the streets of Lyon for I-WAY.

"The use of real simulators as a leisure tool for the public forces you to look very carefully at the quality, durability and support on offer. Our simulators run seven days a week, for ten hours on average and any downtime is bad for turnover and profitability. Cruden responds by making high quality, durable simulators and provides a dedicated team that is present whenever we need them."

Pierre Nicolas
CEO and I-Way founder
I-WAY Simulator Centre, Lyon, France

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