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The world’s first realistic fast small ship simulator, a prototype of which will be delivered next month to the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), could revolutionise the training of fast-boat crews and influence the design of the boats themselves. 

Maritime Journal


A technology demonstrator, built by Netherlands-headquartered simulation specialist Cruden, that was shown at the High Speed Boat Operations Fora in Lisbon and Gothenburg, has performed so well in preliminary trials that the Netherlands Defence Academy at Den Helder has initiated an extensive test program on the prototype and expressed interest in acquiring three full scale units.



The new Fast Small Ship Simulator (FSSS) is similar to large-vessel bridge simulators in that it provides a working replica of a real boat’s controls and navigation systems, but it differs in one crucial respect: the boat’s cockpit and crew are located on top of a motion platform. This moveable base adds a new dimension to training by physically cueing the body forces coming from acceleration, rocking and slamming etc. The ability to actually feel relevant hydrodynamic effects brings unprecedented authenticity to the rehearsal of critical handling situations and could help boat manufacturers accelerate their R&D programmes.


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