Working from home

Track time is scarce. Owning a Cruden motion simulator provides the ultimate solution to those who want to invest in off-track race preparation so that every minute on the circuit counts.

We are working with a growing number of private individuals competing in a variety of championships internationally, who are serious about improving their performance. 

» Professional grade components create the best possible home testing environment.
» Our Hexathrill is a smaller, lighter simulator, perfect for home use, that makes no compromise on motion accuracy.
» Come rain or shine, your simulator will always be available to drive.
» Hexatech and Hexathrill simulators are available with formula style race car bodies so your simulator looks and feels the part.

Let's be clear: this is not a video game linked up to a steering wheel, race seat and some fancy pedals. Our simulator and software use the same professional equipment we supply to Formula 1 teams, professional racing drivers and engineers to improve their racecraft and evaluate new tracks and car settings.

We can integrate your race car model in the simulator and our Telemetry Analyzer and Set-Up Tool allows you to download your data, change settings on-the-fly and compare real race/testing data with the simulated performance. 


  • Competition settings from qualifying laps to 24-hour endurance races.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Choose your tracks and race cars; Formula cars, rally, GT/ stock cars, sports cars etc.
  • Wide choice of exteriors including Formula cars and even real cars sitting on a motion platform.
  • 3CTR (three-seater) version, ideal for driver coaching.
  • Freedom to drive your car at any time of day at any speed in any, constant, repeatable condition.
  • Full installation, training, upgrades and on-call support.
  • Economic to run: Cruden's electro-mechanical system typically requires only 5 kWh of electricity.

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