Cruden’s ePhyse interface software runs vehicle models natively, in co-simulation, on its simulators; show visitors are invited to drive Mechanical Simulation’s CarSim model on a Cruden Hexatech driving simulator.


STUTTGART – Cruden and Mechanical Simulation are partnering to show vehicle dynamics engineers how easy it is to integrate their vehicle models, such as those created in CarSim, with Cruden simulators, at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2015 (June 16-18; Messe Stuttgart, Germany; stand 1169).


Cruden’s ePhyse Net interfacing package allows its automotive OEM and race team customers to run their vehicle models natively, in co-simulation, on any of its simulators, through their Simulink S-functions. At the show, engineers will be able to drive a CarSim model of a mid-sized sedan around a skidpad on a Cruden 6-DOF driving simulator, experiencing the effect of front- and rear-wheel drive on handling behaviour.


“The Cruden ePhyse external physics package makes our simulators available to any customer, from OEM to smaller Tier 1 supplier. It saves engineers time on compiling code and on cost by eliminating the need for Simulink Coder,” says Maarten van Donselaar, CEO of Cruden. “It’s great to work with our friends at CarSim to highlight how both our technologies are used by automotive customers in the real world.”


According to Dr. Tom Gillespie, director of product planning at Mechanical Simulation, “We are pleased to partner with Cruden to provide a ‘hands-on’ driving experience at the Expo. With CarSim as the vehicle model it is easy to switch vehicle properties quickly so the driver can experience how the vehicle handling behaviour changes with proportioning of front and rear drive. The A-B comparisons possible on a driving simulator can greatly accelerate the development process.”


ePhyse integrates with other commonly used vehicle modelling packages and Cruden also provides an extremely detailed, open architecture customer vehicle model (CSVM), built up in MATLAB/Simulink.


jaguar Landrover

 Cruden and Mechanical Simulation to demonstrate seamless vehicle model integration for driving simulators at Automotive Testing Expo 2015



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