“Adaptation of the Classic Cueing Algorithm for Automotive Applications”

“Adaptation of the Classic Cueing Algorithm for Automotive Applications”

Paper published for AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum in AIAA 2019-0425, 6 Jan 2019. Authored by De Mooij, M., de Vries, E., & van Doornik, J.

The Classic Cueing Algorithm utilizes filters to fit vehicle accelerations into the workspace of a driving simulator. The resulting platform motion suffers from latency and false cues when compared to the actual vehicle motion. Using an empirical approach, adaptations to the classic cueing algorithm are proposed to improve the driving experience for the user of the simulator. False cues are reduced by eliminating the use of filter-based washout wherever possible. They are reduced further by adjusting cueing model output in translation and by applying workspace managing motion only when this does not oppose vehicle motion. Feedback from both naive subjects and professional drivers is largely positive.

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