Cruden secures global vehicle manufacturer order for multiple driving simulators

Cruden secures global vehicle manufacturer order for multiple driving simulators

Cruden is installing nine new driving simulators to support the engineering and development of automated driving systems at a global OEM.

Cruden, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and integrators of driving simulators, has secured an order for nine driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulators with BMW Group.

The Cruden simulators will occupy an entire floor at BMW Group’s new FIZ Driving Simulator Centre, located at the heart of its development facility in Munich. The simulators will support and strengthen the virtual testing of a variety of car functions ranging from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) to HMI concepts and driving dynamics, using large numbers of human test participants, in virtual driving conditions that are safe, repeatable and reduce environmental impact.

The Cruden order compromises 3-DOF, 6-DOF and 7-DOF motion-based systems, the latter a Cruden 6-DOF system in combination with a yaw table. Cruden’s open-architecture flexible and configurable high-fidelity hardware platforms will seamlessly integrate with BMW’s own engineering tools and offer full chassis mock-up integration as well as a chassis exchange system. The simulators will feature the highest levels of immersion thanks to innovative motion concepts and the latest high-end LED panel visual technology.

Maarten van Donselaar, CEO of Cruden, said: “Cruden is very excited to support BMW Group with the installation of our advanced driving simulators at the brand’s world-class FIZ Driving Simulator Centre in Munich. We have successfully presented a vision that the solution to virtual automotive testing is to implement a variety of simulators to cater for the wide variety of OEM experiments undertaken, and the diversity of automotive systems to be tested. The BMW Group has operated dynamic driving simulators since 2006 and we are very proud that BMW chose to work with Cruden on this project.”




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