Cruden is appointed as a Unity reseller

Cruden is appointed as a Unity reseller

Image from Unity Asset Store by Ferocious Industries

Cruden is now a reseller of the Unity engine’s licenses and services. Use of Unity is growing widely among automotive simulator engineers as the testing of autonomous driving (AD) technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) requires the creation of multiple driving scenarios for human test subjects within life-like virtual worlds. Additionally, Unity offers tooling to experience 3D CAD models of vehicles and components such as automotive interiors in high quality real time visualisations.

Unity is integrated into Cruden’s multichannel systems to render supporting visuals in real-time 3D. Unity’s physically-based rendering (PBR) software is increasingly in demand because of its exceptionally high levels of realism and extensive library of stationary and animated objects. Unity is also popular because, in addition to offering a large number of plug-in features, it allows users to create their own content and driving scenarios without dependence on an external supplier.

High quality content rendered in Unity enhances realism with dynamic driving scenarios, changing light conditions and reflections, and peripheral details such as moving pedestrians and leaves blowing in trees. Though such details are not essential in driving simulators used by vehicle development engineers, they are important when seeking realistic responses from ordinary drivers and occupants in the simulated testing of autonomous driving technologies and ADAS.

This new arrangement will make it easier for Cruden’s clients to acquire licensed rights to Unity tooling, for creating content packages or other applications for use in conjunction with Cruden’s driving simulators. It also means that Unity is now available through Cruden to businesses which are not already Cruden clients. A Unity license is an option for those who wish to create their own content or applications and is not a requirement to run the simulator.

Martijn de Mooij, Technical Development Manager at Cruden, said: “Automotive companies may require one or more Unity licenses if they wish to create and compile their own content. Where Cruden is already established as a supplier, we can serve as a one-stop shop to make license acquisition easier, wrapping it in with other products and services. We can also continue to create the full content package as we do for many customers. This new arrangement also has the benefit of further strengthening the relationship between Cruden and Unity, whose technologies are complementary.”   

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