Cruden to supply and integrate the IT systems for PREMA Racing’s driving simulators

Cruden to supply and integrate the IT systems for PREMA Racing’s driving simulators

Panthera Simulation Software Suite has been specified on the new PREMA simulator for which
Dynisma will supply the motion system. As part of this contract the incumbent simulator will be
substantially upgraded. Cruden leads the system integration.

Cruden’s Panthera Simulation Software Suite with Unity rendering has been selected by PREMA
Racing for use in its new simulator. At the same time, PREMA is upgrading its original simulator with
the same advanced Panthera platform, ensuring engineers and racing drivers can utilise both
simulators for race car development and set-up work across its multiple race programmes, including
Formula 2 and the new Lamborghini LMDh campaign.

The agreement continues a relationship that started in 2018 when PREMA switched to Panthera to
improve driver immersion and the correlation between simulation and real-driving on its original
driving simulator.

PREMA turned to Cruden for guidance for its new simulator project resulting in Cruden consulting
throughout the simulator specification process and setting the acceptance criteria and tests. Cruden
leads the integration of all software and hardware.

The Dynisma DMG-1 motion system will run on Panthera as its complete IT system. Cruden will also
supply the visual system for the new PREMA simulator, consisting of Norxe 4k projectors with low
latency and showing a system resolution < 1.7 arcmin/OLP.

Cruden is integrating the Canopy vehicle model on a Speedgoat Real-Time system on both
simulators. Cruden’s Core Box provides a single point of access to both simulators for tool
integration, software upgrades, remote support and more. The flexible, open-architecture Cruden
set-up allows for third-party tools to be added in future; it also makes it easy for PREMA to build its
own tracks alongside tracks supplied by Cruden, if desired.

As part of the evaluation process, Daniil Kvyat, who will be driving PREMA Racing’s Lamborghini
LMDh race car next season, tested the DMG-1 system running on Cruden Panthera Unity software
and track models, at Dynisma. He said, “I had the chance to try the new simulator and I was very
happy with the feedback I was getting as a driver from the platform and with the graphics. I was able
straight away to get up to the correct lap times and driving style, which means that it was very close
to reality and the simulator did a great job.”

René Rosin, Team Principal at PREMA Racing said: “Our driving simulator plays a crucial role in
developing both our drivers and our race cars. We are excited to be partnering with Dynisma and
Cruden, who are distinguished experts in motion systems and simulation software.”

Dennis Marcus, commercial manager at Cruden, said: “It has been a pleasure to watch the growth of
PREMA Racing on and off the track since we’ve been working together. Like many Formula 2/3
teams around five years ago, they knew they had to up their game with regards to simulation,
transforming track-familiarisation simulators into engineering tools for race car development.
PREMA leads the way now with two simulators including this new extremely advanced package from
Dynisma and Cruden. PREMA’s choice for Panthera Simulation Software shows how well the software
serves the motorsport sector.”

Simulation engineers interested in experiencing the Dynisma DMG-1 in combination with Panthera
Simulator Software with Unity rendering can contact Will Snyder at Dynisma or Dennis Marcus at




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