The Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre in Italy equips drivers, engineers, race teams and car manufacturers with an integrated offering of high tech tools and approaches, including a full-motion simulator developed with Cruden, to perform at the highest level.


Cruden has supplied a state-of-the-art, 6-DOF driving simulator to Bhai Tech of Italy.  The Bhai Tech Advanced Vehicle Science Centre, in Padova, northern Italy, drives advancements in vehicle and racing driver development via its proven simulation and modelling software, driver development programmes and a wide range of on and off-track technology services.

The Cruden motorsport simulator is set up for both driver and vehicle development in a formula car configuration, with a GP2 series race tub and controls. It is fully immersive with five off-board projectors, a 210°, 8 m diameter curved screen and rear view visuals. As one of the world’s most advanced full motion simulators that can be booked by appointment, it has many advanced features including a harness loading system, and a sophisticated rear view mirror system. A vast library of global race tracks and vehicle models are available to drive.





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