The University of Hertfordshire in the UK acquired a full motion racing simulator from Cruden to equip the next generation of F1 engineers with advanced simulation skills.


Students of one of the UK’s leading motorsport and automotive engineering schools are able to benefit from a professional racing simulator from Cruden. The 6-DOF simulator provides students of its multiple motorsport engineering courses with practical and relevant advanced technical skills required by Formula One teams, into which many of the university’s students graduate.

The simulator adds an essential dimension to the students’ learning experience and responds to the requirements of F1 teams. It is part of a simulator facility at the Hatfield campus that allows students to develop and race their own tyre, suspension and aero models using real data in real time. The students can split into teams and develop their own vehicle setups and analyse the results of their laps using industry standard Pi toolbox software which is fully compatible with the Cruden simulator.

The University of Hertfordshire competes in the Formula Student competition. The engineering and technology faculty uses the simulator to reduce its testing budget while providing repeatable test conditions and an infinite opportunity for students to practice engineering refinements based on driver feedback and data analysis.

A Cruden simulator allows the University of Hertfordshire’s student racing team to develop and test vehicle setups.





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Welcome to Cruden’s no-cost, license-free version of its Panthera simulation software. Users can run simulations, modify and expand vehicle models, add interfaces to hardware and use custom cars and tracks.